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Why do you create fine art and what does it mean to you? 

-I create fine art because I need that freedom to get away from the world around me. I want to create my own world in my space and without time. Creating art to me means that I am in control and I can choose to make what I want. 


How does the creation of art make you feel and what emotions do you want to convey? 

-When I create art, it makes me feel free and powerful because I am making a change with every stroke and mark that I create. I create art without someone else telling me to do it, and that is because it gives my life meaning and allows me to express through a medium that is tangible. I believe that the emotions that I want to convey have to do with the passion of creating and seeing other individuals go to work, as well as seeing new creations and all of God’s creations that inspire us. I create to inspire others to create.



What Inspires your work? 

-My work is inspired by time, the mediums that I use, and the journey of creating.

Why do you represent ideas in this way? 

-I represent my ideas in these ways because it speaks to me. I just go with what the medium and my emotions allow me to do. My technical art skills are not what I want to focus on for a few reasons; first I do not want to use all of my time to create realism just for other people to criticize it, second the act of life is more important than beautiful work, third I want to believe that there are more important things than the artwork itself. The energy it takes and the peace that creating artwork gives me is more important than the end result.


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